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Is your workplace “Mentally Healthy”?

Workplace Assessments– We can conduct a workplace assessment and make recommendations to help you have a healthy work environment for your employees. We can conduct Mental Health workplace training with HR Managers, Executive management and Employees.

  • Grief & Loss Counselling
  • Life Coaching

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These recent images  “Gospers Mountain” Mega Fire  September 2019- January 2020 deployment

Areas supported: Kurrajong Heights, Biplin, Berambing,Mount Tomah,Bell,Newens Junction,Clarence, Dargan, Lithgow, Hartley vale, Colo Heights, Mellong,and Putty

By supporting this program you will: 

  • Help put fuel in volunteers vehicles to travel to effected areas as a part of a rapid response (within 24 hours) of a Natural Disaster Team deployment in Australia, sometimes weeks away at a time and regular follow-up visits, but is always pending funds.
  • As our rapid response teams are able to move swiftly we are able to do mobile mental health wellness assessment so that follow up can be established during the recovery period.
  • Contribute to portable storage used in first response to those who are displaced (homeless) due to fire, flood, tsunami, cyclone eg: tents, bedding, water, cooking utilities, generators
  • Mobile storage for food and non perishable supplies can be stored and distributed to the community. This essentially becomes a makeshift community hub particularly to areas where the entire community have been impacted. This allows for logistics to co-ordinate with donors to provide the basics in Communications and solar, accommodation and food and personal hygiene supplies. The quicker a community can see that change is happening the sooner they can focus on recovery and the future. This is usually long after the media have left and communities face long term challenges of at least 18 months.
  • Help communities re-establish a sense of normality and resiliency.

Partner support & Education 


Partners are often left out of the education and resources made available to their partner when in a treatment facility for Post Traumatic Stress. This program provides ongoing support for the partners by way of : 

  • one on one counselling 
  • support groups 
  • educational workshops 

By supporting this program you will allow ARC4PTSD to continue FREE access to the above supports.

Veterans weekly coffee catch up 

“Buddy Check” 

# make zero the hero 

# zero suicides 

At ARC4PTSD, we are dedicated to supporting our veterans by hosting a weekly coffee catch up and buddy check. By meeting weekly they create their own support network and look out for each other just as they did when they were serving. We are losing too many veterans to suicide each year with their being over 80 between the ages of 28-35 alone. 

 The weekly catch up allows our team to identify and support the changing needs of the veteran whether it be a food hamper, peer support, counselling or referral to a PTSD friendly Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Retreat or treatment facility.  

 By supporting this program, you are supporting our veterans: Army, RAAF, Peacekeepers and Navy. 


Helping our community 

ARC4PTSD, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue. Food Hampers are made available when a client is struggling financially and needs some support to put food on the table. We are always striving to make a difference and provide dignity and a nonjudgmental environment for our clients. We invite you to learn more and lend your support. 

This program supports: 

  • Homeless 
  • Veterans 
  • Victims of Domestic Violence 
  • Victims of Crime 
  • Unemployed and Low-income earners 

BY supporting this program a veteran can be offered a weekly free food hamper to take home to their family giving a sense of pride in providing for their family and easing the burden of a single income family. We are dedicated to reducing veteran suicides, losing +89 just between the ages of 23-28 years of age alone each year. 



 Weekly Support Groups

  • PTSD support group (12 week program) start at anytime
  • Partner Education, Resources and Support

The support groups are run to help guide and support you through your journey with PTSD. We run seperate groups for partners where family, friends or work colleagues are welcome to attend. This groups prove popular due to the fact that it:

  • encourages people to leave their house to attend (addressing unhealthy social/isolating behaviours)
  • promotes peer support where you will meet others who are having their own challenges and successes with PTSD
  • helpful weekly resources for you to take home and add to your own personalised support kit

By supporting this program you will be allowing new groups to be set up in areas of need 

Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Classes

Helping to bring balance to mind and body, reducing stress and providing a safe, comfortable and trauma sensitive environment. Chair based Yoga is available upon request.

By supporting this program we are able to continue offering FREE Yoga, Mindfullness and Meditation Classes for those living with Post Traumatic Stress

Victims of Crime Support

Our team can help you navigate your rights and assist you in lodging a claim with Victims of Crime. You may be eligible for multiple categories of compensation.

Family & Domestic Violence Support

By supporting our Family & Domestic Violence support Program we can continue to provide:

  • Trained Court Support person who will attend court to support the victims directly
  • Weekly Domestic Violence Support Group
  • Local Hospital Support in Emergency where we will provide: Toiletries, mobile phone for emergency contact,new clothing so that old ripped or bloody clothing does not have to be put back on after wearing a hospital gown (re-traumatising) and  old clothing can be given to Police for evidence.
  • Provide support in referrals to appropriate supports and resources.



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