Our clients are the lifeblood of our organisation, their emotional well-being and right to anonymity and confidentiality are central to all we do.

  • Our PTSD and Complex PTSD life experience make us unique; we have walked the walk, and therefore connect with understanding and empathy in a safe and trauma sensitive way.


  • We understand the needs of our clients will evolve over time and we are their first step in setting up a personalised  referral and support network, “the first link in the chain”.
  • We know that “anyone” can get Post Traumatic Stress
  • We highlight the unique mental health needs and complications that commonly trouble or distress the people living with PTSD and their partners. 
  • We educate and support associated symptoms faced such as; depression, anxiety, mood swings, nightmares, cognitive fog, chronic pain, gambling, Risky behaviour, addictions (Drugs and Alcohol)being the most common.
  • ​​We provide information for as may options : Traditional and Non-Traditional treatment options available in Australia and where they are located.
  • Every individual client is unique and we help them to create their own personalised “toolbox” of support , referrals and resources.
  • We help our clients find their new normal, a new tomorrow, a future and most importantly knowing they are not alone and that there is Hope.
  • We support the Partners, carers, family members and employers all of whom are a very important key to helping an individual to overcome PTSD and live a healthy and happy life.




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